The Bay Area’s north-east county has long been known as the trade corridor for goods and services headed north and points east along I-80. Solano lies within a 50-mile radius of Sacramento and Bay Area markets and is also the gateway to Napa Valley and Sonoma wine regions.

With six highway corridors, Solano is a perfect location for goods movement. A robust public transportation system, highlighted by the Capitol Corridor train between the Bay Area and Sacramento, supports a regional workforce that extends well beyond county boundaries.

Distance to Markets

Interstate 80 is the only direct corridor between the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Solano is crisscrossed by 5 additional corridors:

  • I-505 (to I-5 north)
  • I-680 (to San Jose)
  • I-780 (Benicia to Vallejo)
  • SR-12 (to Napa and I-5)
  • SR-37 (to US-101)
Distance to Markets
  Distance from Solano Cities (miles)
Destination Benicia Dixon Fairfield Rio Vista Suisun  Vacaville Vallejo
Sacramento (Capitol) 60 23 42 44 44 34 57
I-5 (nearest junction) 55 43 40 18 39 46 56
Davis (UC Davis) 46 9 28 35 30 20 44
Napa 29 40 21 42 21 28 16
San Francisco 36 65 46 61 48 54 31
Oakland 29 60 41 53 42 48 26
San Jose  63 98 79 87 81 87 70
Portland, OR 609 580 590 606 593 583 606
Seattle, WA 781 751 764 778 765 754 778
Reno, NV 192 156 177 178 176 165 189
Salt Lake City, UT 709 674 694 695 696 685 706
Chicago, IL 2,106 2,070 2,091 2,091 2,090 2,079 2,103
Los Angeles, CA 379 394 390 368 390 403 385
San Diego, CA 497 512 509 486 508 521 504
Tijuana, Mexico 514 529 526 504 525 538 521
Source: Google Maps Directions

Air Travel

One big advantage to operating in the north-east Bay Area is access to 3 international airports within a 60-mile radius. In addition to the commercial facilities, Travis Air Force Base, near Fairfield, operates the largest air mobility unit in the United States.

Airports - International 
Name / ID Associated City and Distance Longest Runway (Length / Width) Land Area Control Tower
Oakland International Airport
Oakland / 47.6 mi 10,520’ / 150’  2,600 ac. Yes
Sacramento International Airport
Sacramento / 57.1 mi 8,605’ / 150’ 6,000 ac. Yes
San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco / 57.1 mi 11,870’ / 200’ 5,207 ac. Yes
San Jose international
San Jose / 76.1 mi 11,000’ / 150’ 1,050 ac. Yes
Sources: Federal Aviation Administration Airport Master Records as posted on GRC Inc.; 2015 Data; Rand McNally, Distance from Fairfield, County Seat, July 2016


Airports - Municipal & Private
Name / ID Associated City and Distance  Longest Runway (Length / Width) Land Area Control Tower
Maine Prairie (13CL) (Private) Dixon / 19.4 mi 1,950’ / 50’ 20 No
Travis AFB (SUU) (USAF Private) Fairfield / 6.6 mi 11,001’ / 150’   Yes
Rio Vista Municipal (O88) (Public) Rio Vista / 22.4 mi 4,199’ / 75’ 273 No
Blake Sky Park (CA57) (Private) Vacaville / 17.1 mi 1,600’ / 75 n/a No
Kaiser Medical Center 
Vacaville (CN88) (Private)
Vacaville / 14.2 mi 54’ / 54’ n/a No
Nut Tree (VCB) (Public) Vacaville / 12.6 mi 4,700’ / 75’ 262 No
Vaca Valley Hospital (CL96) 
Vacaville / 11.8 mi 40’ / 40’ n/a No
Sources: Federal Aviation Administration Airport Master Records as posted on GRC Inc.; 2015 Data; Rand McNally, Distance from Fairfield, County Seat, July 2016


The Bay Area evolved as a port region from the California Gold Rush on, and it is no surprise that Solano County houses one port (Benicia) and has nearby access to four more. The Port of Benicia dates back to the 1800s and had a military connection until closure of The Arsenal in the 1960s. Today, the 3,000-acre Benicia Industrial Park operates adjacent to the port.

Name Distance Services
Port of Benicia
1997 Elm Street
Benicia, CA
(707) 745-2394
18.7 mi 1 deep water pier can berth 3 vessels with an operating depth of 38 ft.
LLW. Break bulk, heavy-lift, barge stripping, high and heavy, 
RoRo service. Served by Interstates: 680 (north-south)
780 (west to I-80). Rail service: Union Pacific (up to 170 cars)
Port of Oakland
530 Water Street
Oakland, CA
(510) 627-1100
41.9 mi 18 deep water berths, 35 container cranes(incl. 31 Post-Panamax type),
Foreign Trade Zone, Warehouses and intermodal facilities,
Served by Interstates: 80 (south), 880 (south),
550 (east) and 980 (east), Rail service: 
Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific
Port of Richmond
675 Harbour Way South
Richmond, CA
(510) 215-4200
32.4 5 City-owned terminals (10 private), 2 wharves,2 warehouses –
140,000 total sq. ft., Berthing length – 720 with 2 dolphins at
north end, 5 total acres, Rail service: Burlington Northern
Santa Fe and UPSP
Port of West Sacramento
2895 Industrial Blvd,
West Sacramento, CA
(916) 371-8800
39.5 50 Trucking companies service the port, 200 Railcar terminals
(BNSF, UP, Sierra Northern),Paved open storage, covered warehouse,
domed warehouse, flat storage, General cargo,bulk, grain,
containers, Foreign Trade Zone, West Sacramento Enterprise Zone,
480 ac. of maritime property, 7,000 sq. ft. of enclosed storage
Port of San Francisco
Pier 1 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA
(415) 274-0400
45.8 mi 5 berths, on-dock rail, acres of paved land for starting cargo,
Over 550,000 sq. ft. of covered storage for weather sensitive cargo,
Cranes capable of working both breakbulk and containers, 624 reefer
outlets, Harbor and cargo service facilities located near terminals
offering easy access to tug and bargecompanies, Heavy lift crane
services, Foreign Trade Zone,Cold storage / warehousing,
CFS facilities, Full service ship repair, 145 acres of paved cargo
staging, Rail service:San Francisco Bay Railroad and Union Pacific
Source: California Association of Port Authorities, 2016 Data; and each Port’s website: Port of Oakland, Port of Richmond, Port of San Francisco, Port of West Sacramento, Rand McNally, August 2016. (1) Distance from Fairfield, County Seat.

Rail Transportation

Union Pacific serves 23 western states to Chicago, Illinois, providing an important link between the 5 nearby ports, regional industry, and the rest of the country.  

Rail - Freight
Name Direction Main or Branch Short or National Nearest Intermodal
Union Pacific
(800) 877-5123
North, South, East & West Branch National Oakland
Source: Union Pacific Railroad; Benicia Industrial Park Association, July 2016


Rail - Passenger & Commuter
(800) 872-7245
AMTRAK has a nationwide service area. Solano Express
provides connections to AMTRAK Station in Suisun City:
177 Main Street, Suisun City (The Capitol Corridor commuter
train also operates from the AMTRAK station; see Public Transportation)
Source: AMTRAK; August 2016

Public Transportation

As part of the 9-county Bay Area commuter ecosystem, Solano sees 107,000 residents commute daily toward San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Sacramento. To alleviate congestion, public transportation systems include bus, ferry services, and rail. The Suisun/Fairfield AMTRAK station was recently renovated to better accommodate Capitol Corridor commuters.

Public Transportation
Name / Type Service Area Operator
Capitol Corridor 
(800) 872-7245
Rail. Serving 8 Northern California
counties: Placer, Sacramento, Yolo, 
Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, 
and Santa Clara, a 170-mile rail corridor; 
Suisun/Fairfield station: 177 Main Street,
Suisun City, part of the AMTRAK line
The Capitol Corridor Joint
Powers Authority 
(510) 465-2278
Light rail. BART serves 5 Counties: 
Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco,
and San Mateo with extensions to the 
city of San Jose and the Silicon Valley
under construction. Connections to BART 
can be made through: SolTrans ― Vallejo
Transit Center Route: 78 Benicia to Pleasant
Hill or Walnut Creek BART stations and Route
80 to El Cerrito Del Norte BART station
Bay Area Rapid Transit
(Ferry & Express Bus)
(877) 643-3779
Cities of Vallejo and San Francisco Blue & Gold Fleet 
(for City of Vallejo)
Prop SF
(Ferry) Contact City of Benicia,
Mario Guilliani
(707) 746-4202
Private service for Genentech employees,
Benicia to SF. May expand or
add public line in future
Prop SF    
(for City of Benicia)
Dixon Readi-Ride 
(Local Bus Service)
(707) 678-5020
Dixon MV Transportation
Fairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST)
(Local Bus Service)
(707) 422-2877
Fairfield & Suisun City Fairfield and Suisun
SolTrans (Local Bus Service)
(707) 553-7269
Vallejo & Benicia MV Transportation
Rio Vista Delta Breeze
(Local Bus Service)
(707) 374-2878
Rio Vista Transportation Concepts
Vacaville City Coach
(Local Bus Service)
(707) 449-6000
Vacaville First Transit
Solano Express 
(Intercity Bus Service)
(800) 535-6883
Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Benicia,
Rio Vista, Davis, Sacramento, El Cerrito del Norte,
Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek
FAST, SolTrans,
Rio Vista Delta Breeze,
Source: Solano Transportation Authority, BART; Capitol Corridor; July 2016

Motor Freight & Shipping

Long known as a logistics and distribution power player on the I-80 corridor, Solano has a wealth of shipping companies to handle long haul deliveries as well as local manufacturer-to-packager, farm-to-food processor connections, and so on. Here is a short sampling of available services. 

Motor Freight & Contract Carriers (partial list)
Company Services / Terminal 
Budget Freight Shipping
(888) 615-6861 (LTL) or 
(888) 614-6861 (FTL)
Trucking brokerage firm offering scheduled pickups. 
Services include: Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping
Services, Truckload (TL) Shipping Services, Dry Vans, 
Flatbeds, Temperature Controlled Shipping (Reefers)
Pinole Valley Trucking
(800) 878-9992
Services ranging from: warehousing & distribution to
Truckload & LTL service and a Third Party Logistics 
provider. A modern fleet consisting of the following 
types of equipment. We also have access to heavy haul 
and other specialized equipment as needed. Shipping 
throughout the US, selected Canadian provinces and
parts of northern Mexico.
Federal Express
Freight Central

formerly Viking Freight
(800) 463-3339
FedEx Freight provides the choices needed for 
less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping with
a streamlined network, extensive coverage and
careful handling. Choose the LTL freight service
that fits your need: FedEx Freight® Priority when
speed is critical or FedEx Freight® Economy when 
you can trade time for savings.
YRC Freight
3872 Sprig Drive Benicia
(800) 610-6500
YRC Freight's North American LTL services: standard LTL 
freight transportation: United States, Canada, Mexico,
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam.
Guaranteed Standard ground service by noon or 5 p.m. or
Multiday Window. Expedited: YRC Freight Time-Critical TM 
expedited, guaranteed air and ground service By noon or 
5 p.m. or Hour window and Specialized services. No terminal.
Source: Budget Freight Shipping; Pinole Valley Trucking; Federal Express Freight Central; YRC Freight, August 2016


Parcel Carriers (partial list)
Name Latest Drop-off Earliest Delivery
(800) 225-5345
1:30 Benicia
2:15 Fairfield
2:30 Vacaville
1:45 Vallejo
9:00 a.m.
(800) 463-3339
4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. 8:00 a.m.
Greyhound Package Express
(707) 373-4796 - Vallejo
8 am – 6:30 pm Mon–Fri
8 am – 4:00 pm Sat
8 am – 6:30 pm Mon–Fri
8 am – 4:00 pm Sat
(800) 742-5877
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m.
US Postal Service
(800) 275-8777
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Sources: DHL; FedEx; Greyhound Package Express; UPS; US Postal Service, August 2016