Industry Sectors

Solano has a strong manufacturing base of Advanced Materials, Biotech, and Food & Beverage, accounting for about a $4 billion industry — roughly one-fifth of Solano’s total Gross Regional Product of $19.65 Billion (source: Economic Forensics and Analytics (EFA) and Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2016). Other highlights:

  • There are over 33,000 businesses and over 153,000 employed.
  • Healthcare and retail are the most dominant overall.
  • Healthcare is projected to continue growing, with only professional services outpacing it. Wholesale trade is also expected to grow significantly over the next five years.

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Industry Sectors
 Projected % GrowthBusinessesEmploymentAnn. PayrollGross Regional Product
Retail Trade5.0%98718,236$131.2$942.4
Wholesale Trade13.0%2604,232$72.2$698.6
Transp Wrhs Util3.0%1863,590$36.4$293.6
Finance & Insur10.0%3443,468$58.3$677.9
Prof Services20.0%5333,438$50.7$389.1
Real Estate-2.0%3261,412$13.8$804.9
Source: ES-202; Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, Q1 2016, California EDD, LMID; Economic Forensics Analytics (Employment, Business, Annual Payroll; North Bay Industry Sector Rankings (by County) 2015, Projected Growth 2015-2020, Gross Regional Product 2015

Employment Size (2015)



Number of Businesses (2015)

Source: California EDD, LMID; Economic Forensics Analytics (Employment, Business, Annual Payroll; North Bay Industry Sector Rankings (by County) 2015

Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), International Trade and Investment

Projected Growth (2015-2020)

Source: EDD, LMID; Economic Forensics Analytics, Projected Growth 2015-2020

Employment by Industry

Employment by Sector
Industry Sector, 2015 AnnualNumber of EstablishmentsNumber Employed
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing2481,876
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction44289
Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation1,4014,000
Transportation, Communications1,3374,596
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate3,2957,457
Business and Professional Services6,26314,804
Education and Health Care Services7,18427,188
Total All Private Sector*32,645130,011
Total Government and Nonprofit48723,635
TOTAL ALL INDUSTRIES (including non-payroll)33,132153,646
Source: ES 202/QCEW 2015 Annual and Census Bureau, Non-Employer Statistics, (, County Business Patterns by Employment Size Class, July 2016(*) Includes Non-classified Establishments

Establishments by Employment Size – Solano County

NAICSDescriptionTotal Establishments1-45-910-1920-4950-99100-249250+
11 | Ag/For/FishAgriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting1412110000
21 | Mining/Oil/GasMining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction72112010
22 | UtilUtilities103410101
23 | ConstructionConstruction6394168567431675
31 | MfgManufacturing2538547443119207
42 | WholesaleWholesale trade2781195449361163
44 | RetailRetail trade1,08039727319112758286
48 | Trans/WrhseTransportation and warehousing207100323625671
51 | InfoInformation8734171612530
52 | Fin/InsFinance and insurance335199674713135
53 | R/EReal estate | Rental & leasing36525972249100
54 | Prof/Sci/Tech SvcProfessional, scientific, and technical services536357915625520
55 | MgtManagement of companies and enterprises34141122230
56 | WasteAdministrative, support and waste management34419562332915100
61 | EducationEducational services954321167611
62 | HealthHealth care and social assistance89542822212666211814
71 | Arts/RecArts, entertainment, and recreation10051121114921
72 | Food SvcAccommodation and food services7352111361661823550
81 | Other, not public adminOther services (except public administration)7084331637133710
99 | Ind not classifiedIndustries not classified2321200000
 Total All Industries6,7453,3791,36396865621811731
 Distribution 50%20%14%10%3%2%0%

 Source:  County Business Patterns, 2014 data.