Our Solano Business First! team, made of county, city, education, workforce and service providers, was established to listen to the voice of industry. We recognize that your success moves our economy forward, and we will provide a rapid, collaborative response to your needs

Local Contacts. If you have a specific need or concern, please contact Solano EDC for a referral or contact one of the city or county representatives listed below. 

City Data. If you are unfamiliar with the diverse character of our cities, see the City Profiles for a map and quick introduction. 

Cities and County Contacts

City/County Contact 
Solano County
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James Bezek
Sr. Management Analyst

Solano County
(707) 784-6112
City of Benicia
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Mario Giuliani
Economic Development Manager

City of Benicia
(707) 746-4202
City of Dixon
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D’Andre Wells 
Economic Development Manager

City of Dixon
(707) 678-7000
City of Fairfield
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Robert Burris 
Economic Development Division Manager

City of Fairfield
(707) 428-7649
City of Rio Vista
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Issac George
Community Development Director

City of Rio Vista
(707) 374-6451
City of Suisun City
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Jason Garben
Development Services Director 

City of Suisun City
(707) 421-7335
City of Vacaville
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Donald Burrus
Economic Development Manage
City of Vacaville
(707) 449-5165
City of Vallejo
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Annette Taylor
Senior Community Development Analyst

City of Vallejo
(707) 649-3510

Tax Profile

Here is a quick rundown of the taxes typically paid by residents and businesses in California. Local assessments account for minor variation among jurisdictions in property tax and sales tax rates. The tax impact on your business may be lessened by applying for one of the tax credits available to many California businesses, which are summarized below.

Tax Profile - State of California
Tax Basis Rate Agency
Corporate Income
and Franchise Tax
Net income apportioned to California Corporation 8.84%
S-Corp 1.5%
Bank/Financial Corp 10.84%
S-Bank/Financial S-Corp 3.5%
Franchise Tax Board
Sales and Use Tax Receipts from sale or lease of most
tangible items
Solano County 7.375%
City of Benicia 8.375%
City of Fairfield 8.375%
City of Rio Vista 8.125%
City of Vacaville 7.625%
City of Vallejo 8.375%
Board of Equalization
Property Tax Real and personal property,
but not business inventory or
personal effects
1.07% to 1.2% Solano Co. Assessor  
Solano Co. Tax Collector  
Board of Equalization
Unemployment Insurance First $7,000 of wages per
employee per year
3.4% to 6.2% Employment Development
Workers' Compensation
Payroll and occupation Variable depending on
occupation classification
Dept of Industrial Relations
Personal Income Tax Taxable personal income 1.0% to 9.55% Franchise Tax Board
Disability Insurance First $104,378 of wages 0.9% (paid by employee) Employment Development
Finished Goods, Raw
Material, Inventory Tax
None None None
Mineral Severance Tax None None None
Inheritance Tax None None None
Employment Training Tax First $7,000 of wages per
employee per year
0.1% Employment Development
Source: Franchise Tax Board; Employment Development Department; Dept of Industrial Relations; 2016 California Employers' Guide (DE-44), August 2016; Board of Equalization, Solano Co. Assessor  January 2017.

State Tax Credits for Businesses

The State of California offers several tax credits to help businesses reduce their costs. Click to find out if your business might qualify.

California Competes – 5-year tax credit that businesses apply for in advance through a competitive application process. GO-Biz FAQ Sheet: Learn more here.  

Manufacturers’ Investment Credit – 6% credit for acquisition or construction of qualified property, including real property and some equipment. Learn more here

California Research Credit – 24% of basic research payments, 15% of excess research expenses. Learn more here

Sales and Use Tax Exclusion, Alternative Energy and Transportation – Full exclusion for qualifying manufacturers of these products. Learn more here

Sales and Use Tax Exclusion, Manufacturing and R&D – Partial exclusion for qualifying purchases related to manufacturing and R&D. Learn more here

Further information about state incentives and tax:
Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)