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Local Incentive

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Solano EDC has Partnered with Solano County to promote The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN). A collaboration of the nine counties that make up the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), BayREN provides regional-scale energy efficiency programs, services, and resources. BayREN is funded by utility ratepayer funds through the California Public Utilities Commission, as well as other sources, drawing on the expertise, knowledge, and proven track record of Bay Area local governments.

BayREN Business is a new program that helps Bay Area business owners save energy and reduce operating costs. The program installs new energy efficient hardware, including lighting, smart thermostats, and HVAC sensors, and provides 24/7 equipment monitoring from a team of experts.

BayREN Business will upgrade your building to help you reduce operating costs by up to 25%. Program experts ensure your equipment is set up to maximize energy savings.

Get started today with a free energy assessment by visiting

Solano Mobility, a program of the Solano Transportation Authority, is here to help your workplace develop a transportation plan and commuter benefits package that meets the existing needs of employers and comfortably transitions you to alternative modes. We are a joint powers authority that facilitates many commuter benefits to help reduce road congestion and improve traffic efficiency in the county.

Alternative modes of transportation are cost effective, a productive use of time, healthy, community oriented, safe, and environmentally friendly. They are the bottom-line best way to commute. Wondering how your organization can design and implement commuter benefits for your workplace? Visit If commuter benefits seem daunting or confusing, Solano Mobility is here to help 1-800-535-6883.

Employer Commuter Contact Info: Lorene Garrett, Senior Program Coordinator 707-399-3218 or

General contact info: Solano Mobility 1-800-535-6883


Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ)

Solano EDC (707) 864-1855 or e-mail J. Paul Harrington
Solano County (707) 784-3172 or e-mail Narcisa Untal

Manufacturing Products from Recycled Materials. Businesses using materials diverted from the waste stream (recyclables) benefit from locating in Solano’s Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ). All commercial and industrial areas in Solano County and cities (except City of Suisun City) are in the zone and eligible for a variety of incentives and assistance.

The Recycling Market Development Zone is a state-designated zone. The purpose of the program is to encourage new product development from recycleable materials that decrease waste-to-landfills. Qualified businesses can access a suite of services:

  • Low-interest loans for equipment purchase and business costs ($2 million cap)
  • Free product marketing 
  • Special grant programs, such as Organics Grant Program and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant 

The local team is available to assist businesses in locating the right facility site, accessing local incentives, assisting with financing, identifying recyclable sources for raw material inputs, and accessing the state program and other resources available. Contact Solano EDC if you think your business might qualify.

State Incentives

California Competes Tax Credit 

Call Solano EDC: (707) 864-1855

California’s income tax credit is available to businesses that expand in or relocate to California. There are no geographic or industry sector restrictions. The income tax credit application is submitted online, terms are negotiated with GO-BIZ, and then approved by the California Competes Tax Credit Committee. Learn more here

New Employment Credit

Call: (916) 845-3464

The New Employment Credit (NEC) is available for each taxable year beginning on or after January 1, 2014 and before January 1, 2021 to qualified taxpayers that hire a qualified full-time employee. Qualified taxpayers are those located in designated census tracts with high unemployment and poverty. A qualified employees is one who meets certain criteria. Qualifying wages are those wages exceeding 150% but not more than 350% of the minimum wage. Learn more here

Manufacturing and Research & Development Equipment Exemption

Call: (800) 400-7115

Manufactures and qualifying research and development firms may qualify for partial exemption of sales and use tax on purchases and leases of manufacturing and R & D equipment. Contact your tax professional or the California State Board of Equalization to determine eligibility. Learn more here

California Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation Financing Authority

Call: (916) 651-3757

Manufacturers that promote alternative energy and advanced transportation may be eligible to receive a sales tax exclusion from both state and local sales tax collection on equipment purchases and qualifying activities. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and are considered at the Authority’s board meetings within 60 days of the completed application. Statute limits exclusions to $100 million in each calendar year. Learn more here

Research & Development Tax Credit

Call the California Franchise Tax Board: (800) 852-5711 

The California Research Credit is designed to reduce income or franchise tax for those conducting qualified research in California. There are several differences between California’s and the federal tax credit. The California Franchise Tax Board provides a four-part test to determine which activities qualify. Learn more here

California Film & Television Tax Credit

Call: (323) 860-2960 | Vallejo / Solano County Film Office (707) 642-3653

Film and television productions featuring California are eligible to apply for this tax incentive that encourages still-image and entertainment programs to shoot in California. The program offers a variety of tax credit amounts for different types and scales of productions. Learn more here

Employment Training Panel (ETP)

Call: (916) 327-5640

The ETP provides a cash reimbursement for training cost incurred by employers for workers who successfully complete the program and are retained on the job for a set amount of time. Employers determine their training needs and can use their preferred providers to deliver the training. Many employers work with their local community colleges to design and provide training. Learn more here

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Call the California Office: (866) 593-0173
Call the Fairfield Office: (707) 863-3500
Call the Vallejo Office: (707) 648-4024

WOTC is a federal tax credit offered through the U.S. Department of Labor to employers who hire from certain groups, i.e. those facing barriers to employment. Employers can reduce their income tax liability by $1,200 to $9,600 depending on the hires. Learn more here