We’ve Got A Lot to Protect Here

April 26 2019

California has a reputation for being expensive. We get that. We explain it to our prospective corporate relocations with “we’ve got a lot to protect here,” and it’s true. We also have some of the world’s best opportunities for business, and we do it alongside the environment, rather than in opposition.


As we think about the role of individuals and businesses in protecting our natural resources this Earth Day, we hope you’ll be inspired to implement these practices in your corner of the world, or join us right here in Solano County.


We deliver comprehensive energy audits and retrofits for lighting, HVAC and refrigeration.

Through our work with PG&E, our Solano Energy Watch program has saved Solano County local governments and businesses a cumulative 12,426,010KWH since 2014 – the equivalent of 921 homes’ energy use for one year. This includes over $1.8M in rebates, and more than $2.6M back into the local community through recurring energy savings.


We’re revolutionizing the building industry with modular homes and classrooms.

Some of the world’s most innovative modular companies call Solano County home. With ample industrial space competitively priced 35-45% less than Oakland and San Jose, companies like iMod Structures are building relocatable, recycled material classrooms that can self-generate their own electricity, while Factory OS fabricates affordable multifamily housing that uses up to 40% less waste due to precision cutting and indoor material storage, plus reduced carbon emissions due to fewer transportation requirements with offsite construction.


We divert waste from landfills through our Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ).

Businesses using materials diverted from the waste stream (recyclables) can benefit from locating in our RMDZ. The program encourages new product development from recyclable materials that decrease waste-to-landfills and includes the following incentives:

Low-interest loans for equipment purchase and business costs ($2 million cap)

Free product marketing 

Special grant programs, such as Organics Grant Program and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant 

Assistance locating the right size facility

Financing assistance

Identification of recyclable sources for raw material inputs

We grow strategically, in concentrated areas, while we preserve our public open space.

Solano Land Trust oversees 22,000 acres of natural areas and agricultural lands that won’t be developed, preserving our scenic beauty and quality of life for generations to come.