SR 37 Improvements Survey

December 19 2017

The local transportation authorities of Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties, along with Caltrans and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, have been working together to explore and evaluate solutions for SR 37’s growing traffic and environmental problems. They are now seeking input from the public to better understand how the corridor is used and where improvements are most needed.  The feedback collected through this web survey will help policy makers prioritize improvements along SR 27 and seek funding based on the needs of commuters and all SR 37 users.

Community input is an essential part of the SR 37 Improvement Plan and, as such, the outreach team is committed to ensuring a broad distribution of the web survey to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the process. We need your help distributing the survey to your local communities in order to ensure that improvement projects meet the needs of all SR 37 users.

This web survey is one element of a comprehensive public participation strategy designed by the public agencies to reach a broad diversity of SR 37 users. In September and October 2017, four public open houses were held throughout the North Bay Counties with the goal of informing the public about the SR 37 Improvement Plan process and collect initial feedback from the public. Open until mid-January 2018, the web survey is an opportunity to collect more detailed information from a wider range of stakeholders. Outreach activities planned for the next few months will also include focus groups to hear the concerns of specific hard-to-reach communities, as well as a telephone town hall and another round of public workshops.

To help us improve your safety and experience on SR 37, please complete this short survey and share it with your friends or neighbors.

The survey is available online at: