Solano Mobility

January 11 2021

Solano Mobility, a program of the Solano Transportation Authority, is here to help your workplace develop a transportation plan and commuter benefits package that meets the existing needs of employers and comfortably transitions you to alternative modes. We are a joint powers authority that facilitates many commuter benefits to help reduce road congestion and improve traffic efficiency in the county.

Alternative modes are cost effective, a productive use of time, healthy, community oriented, safe, and environmentally friendly. They are the bottom-line best way to commute. Wondering how your organization can design and implement commuter benefits for your workplace? This toolkit will equip you with the tools you need to see success. If commuter benefits seem daunting or confusing, Solano Mobility is here to help 1-800-535-6883!

Katelyn Costa, Program Coordinator 707-399-3218 or

Katelyn is the primary contact for employer consultations. Contact Katelyn directly for scheduling or to learn more about Solano Mobility’s Solano County Commutes program.

General contact info:

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