Solano EDC webinar on Covid19 and the economy

September 23 2020

Click here to watch the webinar.

The Solano EDC will be hosting an important webinar on the economic outlook for Solano County.

The webinar will feature two respected presenters who are well known in Solano County. Robert Burris is the President and CEO of the Solano Economic Development Corporation and Dr. Robert Eyler from Sonoma State University and Economic Forensics Analytics. 

The webinar will be held on Thursday, September 24, 10-11 am

Last May you heard from Robert Eyler, PhD the initial impacts from the COVID-19 - job losses, unemployment filings, potential revenue and budget constraints, and other economic trends. 

We have invited Dr. Eyler back to give us an update on Solano County's jobs and industry recovery, where the vulnerabilities and opportunities may be.

Click here to view the slide presentation.