Solano EDC Speaker Series adds new panelist

January 29 2023


FAIRFIELD — The Solano Economic Development Center Speaker Series returns Tuesday with a webinar that will focus on policy and advocacy exploring the legislation agenda for economic development.

Panelists include Gurbax Sahota, Tracy Rhine, Daniel Carrigg and Evan Schmidt, who replaces scheduled panelist Micah Weinberg, CEO of California Forward.

Sahota is president and CEO of the California Association of Local Economic Development – the state’s largest economic development association – and is the executive director of the California Academy for Economic Development. She also holds a senior position with the California Economic Development Authority. Through her various positions she collaborates with 800 economic development member peers throughout the state to support the start, growth and sustainability of private enterprise in California. She believes in the importance and need to collaborate and create meaningful partnerships in order to accomplish the goal of creating healthy, wealthy communities. She turns this belief into action by leading multiple organizations aligned with the goal of helping businesses thrive in order to create economic opportunity for California’s residents.

Carrigg is senior policy adviser of Renne Public Policy Group. He is a political consultant with an extensive network of professional contacts and broad experience in legislative analysis, policy development, strategy and advocacy on issues affecting local government agencies developed over his 30-year career in Sacramento. He also serves as an adviser for California Association of Local Economic Development. He has served as deputy executive director and legislative director for the California League of Cities, where he oversaw the organization’s lobbying and policy development activities for many years. Prior roles include serving as senior consultant to the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development, as well as serving as a legislative representative on public works, real estate and contracting for the state Department of General Services.

Rhine is senior policy advocate of Rural County Representatives of California. She joined the organization in 1026 as a legislative advocate and new represents RCRC on a variety of issues that include telecommunications, insurance, land use, and housing finance. She previously served as chief deputy director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, and prior to that worked in the Legislature both as a member consultant with the Speaker’s Office of Member Services and as a committee consultant with the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions. She began her career as a graduate research assistant with the Governor’s Office for Innovation in Government.

Schmidt is the CEO of Valley Vision, a social impact organization leading regional and statewide initiatives that advance livability. Valley Vision’s work for more than 25 years has been in support of the “three E’s” – social equity, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Schmidt’s leadership over the organization’s research and strategic initiatives spans six impact areas of Workforce Development, Clean Economy, Food and Agriculture, Broadband and Digital Equity, Healthy Communities, and Leadership and Civic Engagement. She also serves as co-chairwoman of the California Stewardship Network.

The webinar takes place from noon to 1:30 p.m.

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