Quarterly Update: Solano Economic Wrap-Up

January 21 2020

Economic regions in California have recovered from the Great Recession in different ways, showing the changing shape of our economies. Solano’s has differed from California as a whole.  While annual growth since 2011 has been healthy, roughly 2.2% per year, it is slightly slower than California’s 2.6% per year. Two key sectors have performed remarkably well since the recession, Manufacturing and Education & Health Services, are growing at an average of 3.6% and 5% annually. In fact, Education & Health Services added over 1,000 jobs per year to our economy on average. Manufacturing has defied the anemic pace of the State’s production sector with continuous growth. While only 1% of the State’s population, the growth in Solano manufacturing jobs represented 3.2% of the total manufacturing job growth in the State.