Solano EDC Quarterly News

September 26 2018

Solano’s Manufacturing Sector in Full Growth Mode

California is focusing a tremendous amount of attention on manufacturing with losses in major metropolitan areas around the state. The one MSA that is still significantly growing its manufacturing sector is Solano (Vallejo-Fairfield MSA). In addition, Solano was one of the few areas in the state that actually had its manufacturing sector grow proportionally as part of overall industry employment. The region has become a hub for premium food and beverage production, biotechnology and life science manufacturing and advanced materials. In total, nearly 9 percent of Solano’s employment is in Manufacturing.

Solano EDC is on the Road!!

The EDC attended the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) Summit in Chicago in Mid-July. Teamed with PG&E, Bob Burris met with a number of major food and ingredient manufacturers and had a chance to share information about Solano’s optimal location for the food and beverage businesses. 

The EDC is now gearing up for the CoreNet Summit in Boston taking place in October. This is a gathering of real estate and facility directors of the largest corporations in the world, as well as consultants, brokers and economic development professionals. We will be working with our partners PG&E and TeamCalifornia at the event.

New Tools for Site Selectors!!

The Solano EDC has enhanced its webpage to include a number of new services and information. With our new relationship with Zoom Info and GIS Planning, users can have access to the most current economic and demographic information as well as mapping tools to focus on specific areas or sites. In addition, available sites will be available with our new search engine. All of this information provides thorough, up-to-date and usable information for site seekers, the community and well, just curious people!

Please check our new Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sites as well. Our social media launch has been incredibly successful seeing exponential growth in impressions week over week.


Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Driven by our marketing team, the Solano EDC is in the process of creating a series of video vignettes showcasing the unique aspects of living and working in Solano! Stay tuned to see at our social media locations in the coming weeks.

New Employers on our Radar

The EDC has ramped up its business attraction efforts with a new marketing partner, Return on Investment (ROI) based in Montreal. The consulting firm is working with the EDC to target geographies, industry sectors, and unique companies that would likely find the Solano Region a great place to invest and create jobs. With this relationship and other efforts, the number of prospects the EDC is working with has doubled in three months.

Promoting Alternative Transportation

The Solano EDC just partnered with the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) to promote the “First/Last Mile Lyft” pilot program. We are reaching out to our employers to sign up, allowing the employees that take alternative transportations to our transit stations to have much of the last or first leg of their commute using Lyft heavily discounted. A safe ride, saving money, lowering stress, and helping to reduce the number of cars on our roadways are all things we can get behind. Please contact us if you are interested!

We are excited to announce that three companies have made the decision during the last month to invest or grow their investment with the Solano EDC:

We would also like to thank our City and County partners. As we all know, economic development is a team sport!!