Moving Solano Forward III Request for Proposal Response to Questions

October 06 2021

Moving Solano Forward III Request for Proposal

Response to Questions

  1. Are all the presentations expected to be done in-person, or can some be conducted virtually?


Response: All presentations do not have to be done in-person; some can be done virtually. For purposes of responding to the RFP, assume 4 will be in person, the rest can be done virtually.


  1. For the presentations identified as deliverables for each phase, will they be grouped into a single day/week or spread out between due dates?


The presentations for each phase should be assumed for purposes of responding to the RFP to be spread out as they may be to different groups and may be structured so you can present preliminary findings and get feedback before finalizing each phase. There may be opportunity for some grouping of presentations once a schedule is finalized in an agreement.


  1. What is the baseline for job loss due to Covid-19 pandemic?


The baseline is January 2020.


  1. Task 1A states “Undertake a comprehensive analysis of the Solano County economy and evaluate the economic impact of Covid-19 by business sector and cluster”. Are we updating to see where we are currently?


The analysis should evaluate the economic impact of Covid-19 and where we are currently by business sector and cluster in order to understand the impact of Covid-19 at its height and which business sectors and clusters are recovering and those who are not.


  1. Task 2C states “Develop reuse strategies for vacant commercial space due to a changing marketplace and Covid-19”. Is this for every city? For every commercial site? Or just concepts?


The intent is to address potential reuse concepts by sector, such as retail, commercial, downtowns, including case studies or examples.


  1. Task 3B states “Develop specific recommended programs to support existing businesses and develop cost estimates and identify potential funding sources and organizational structures to implement”. Which existing businesses? What is a desired outcome?


This is primarily focused on industrial and large offices, not retail. The desired outcome is to define a business retention role for the Solano EDC, the cities and other entities, which is agreed upon.


  1.  Task 4A states “Update the countywide industrial site inventory by tiers”. Is there a base to start from?


The base is the industrial site inventory completed for Moving Solano Forward II. It should be updated based on discussions with the cities, County and brokers.


  1. Task 4B states “Evaluate specific actions needed to move sites to be shovel ready by jurisdictions including preliminary cost estimates and potential funding options”. How many sites per jurisdiction? Industrial? Are these sites already identified with knowledge of missing infrastructure?


It is not the intent to develop preliminary cost estimates for every industrial site in each jurisdiction. For purposes of responding to the RFP, assume 1 site per jurisdiction. The potential funding options should be broad enough to apply to different sites with different infrastructure needs. Case studies and best practices are encouraged. The missing infrastructure is known by the jurisdictions. Cost estimates should be based upon discussions with the jurisdiction engineer’s and published data.


  1. Task 4C states “Identify programs and financing options to finance new or upgrade existing infrastructure, including digital”. Per site or generally?


This is not intended to be per site but a general overview the tools available. The overview should include a detailed summary of each tool, including the who and how. Case studies or best practices are encouraged.


  1. Task 4D states “Develop specific strategies to market and attract investment and development within opportunity zones”. Is a map available?


A map will be provided. The consultant should also clarify with the cities that have Opportunity Zones, the uses and opportunities they may have considered or are implementing in their local Opportunity Zone.


  1. Task 5B states “Evaluate current business attraction efforts and develop recommendations, including diversification strategies, identify high opportunity attraction and expansion potential, and develop strategies to increase competitiveness,

including identifying areas that need to be addressed to be more competitive”. Is this just the EDC’s business attraction efforts or including city-only attraction efforts?


The focus is on the EDC’s business attraction efforts. However, it should include how the EDC can assist the jurisdictions, brokers and developers in their attraction and expansion efforts.


  1. Outcomes include “Implementation of specific projects and programs is a must for this Project”. What does implementation mean?


A list of projects and programs that should be developed or expanded to implement the recommendations developed, including who should be responsible, timeline and cost estimates should be a result of this Project.


  1. Can you provide a copy of the grant application/contract with EDA to understand the outcomes committed for this project?


Yes, the grant application can be downloaded here.


  1. MSF II included an extensive work plan. Does Solano EDC have reports available on its progress since 2017 on achieving the work plan?


The Solano EDC does not have any reports.


  1. Task 1 asks for an update to the MSF II workplan by February 2022 to complete tasks still to be undertaken. Should the consulting scope include undertaking those tasks?


The intent is for the consultant to develop a workplan that identifies the tasks still to be undertaken and who is the responsible party to implement. It is not expected that the consultant would undertake the tasks under this scope of work.


  1. Are there any reports or summaries from the Executive Pulse systems? Will this grant include the fees for that system?


There are no reports or summaries from Executive Pulse. The system was not adopted by the jurisdiction and is not being currently used. This grant will not include any fees.


  1. MSF II included marketing collateral, website and new logos. Does the Solano EDC want to refresh that work? Are the prior documents available in editable format?


Any refreshing of marketing collateral, website and logos is outside the scope of this grant. Prior documents are not available in editable format.


  1. Throughout the proposed work scope presentations are requested typically 2 or 3 at a time. Is it envisioned as the same presentation to different audiences? Will you convene a  Steering Committee?

This question is partially answered in Question #2 above. There will be a Steering Committee.


  1. Has there been an addendum to the RFP?


No addendum has been issued.


  1. The evaluation process references, but doesn’t include evaluation criteria. Can you clarify?


The criteria used to evaluate the proposals are qualifications and experience; the proposal meeting the project’s needs; methodology for completing the scope of work, including recommendations of additional areas of focus to enhance the project; examples of specific projects and programs that may be developed as part of this project; project implementation and timeline and project budget.