October 02 2017

By Public Information Office, City of Vacaville September 28, 2017

A new, redesigned website isn’t much use if the end user is unable to find what he or she is looking for in a timely manner.

Add to the equation a department that handles a multitude of policy plans, forms, regulations and permits and the result is organized chaos.

Enter the City of Vacaville Community Development Department.

Vacaville unveiled its newly redesigned website earlier this year. Community Development Director Barton Brierley quickly embraced the new site, having his staff trained on the content management system of the site and taking the CD section to new heights.

“We want to make our information very accessible to the community,” Brierley said of the changes that have been made to his department’s area of the website. “We want to make it easy to find information on what is going on in your neighborhood, how to apply for a permit, or what the rules are for someone proposing a development project.”

The list of changes is impressive. They include:

• Access to eTRAKiT, the City’s online permit. eTRAKiT is the City of Vacaville's online permit information and tracking system. This system allows you to schedule inspections, search violations, apply or obtain permits and search permit information. The City issues over 40 percent of its building and related permits online!

• Access to “What’s the Plan” videos – short interviews on the hot topics of the day.

• A “Plans in Progress” page that includes information on long range plans and code amendments currently underway, such as updates to the residential design standards.

• A “Notable Projects” page that gives information about projects currently under review and recently approved. Users can view the plans submitted.

• A Development Standards page that includes information about development codes, Policy Plans, Specific Plans, and special development standards.

• An interactive Zoning Map and General Plan map that includes links to the development standards in particular zones.

• Access to applications, forms, and fees.

• Information on upcoming hearings related to City planning.

Brierley says the changes have been well received by the public and the development community.

“Response has been great so far,” Brierley stated. “Over 40 percent of our permits are being issued online. We’ve had a number of real estate agents, business owners, and developers comment on how they have found all the information they need on the website, and that the information has been easy to find.”

Check out the City of Vacaville Community Development section of the City website at