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Solano County is the perfect location for companies seeking space to expand and scale their operations while staying close-in to the Bay Area and Sacramento markets and minutes from Napa.

Solano County is located on I-80, the major transportation corridor.  Solano County is known for its manufacturing strength, one of the largest in the north state in advanced manufacturing, food and beverage and bio-tech companies.

With seven incorporated cities, four with waterfront cities, Solano County offers exceptional value to these scaling businesses:

1.     21 business and industrial parks with over 3,600 acres, over 115 Tier 1 shovel ready sites;

2.     2.0 million sq. ft. of available industrial, flex and warehouse space;

3.     One of the strongest manufacturing bases of advanced materials, biotech and food & beverage, $5.8 billion of gross regional product;

4.     1.3 million workers within a 40-mile labor shed;

5.     107,000 out-commuting per day with high occupational quotation in manufacturing and administration;

6.     Employees earn high rating of productivity from manufacturing firms – 4 out of scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest;

7.     15-20% less operating cost than San Jose or San Francisco- with industrial space up to 40% less operating cost;

8.     Sacramento and Bay Area markets and resources within a 50 mile radius – I-80 plus 5 other corridors;

9.     Affordable diverse lifestyles – housing cost average 50% less than Bay Area;

10. A team of professionals to assist a business with a speedy location and access to key resources for a smooth transition.

Centrally located between Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, adjacent to Napa Valley and the Delta, Solano County has something for everybody, making it an ideal location for people of all ages.

With beautiful parks, serene lakes and a mild climate, residents take every advantage to get outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer. When it comes to shopping, entertainment and the arts, Solano County lives up to the hype, with seven cities, each with unique family activities to explore and enjoy, including the Suisun Valley wineries, Jelly Belly Factory and Six Flags Marine World theme park.

Solano County is a growing region that reaps the benefits of its ideal location for everyone who calls this wonderful place home. With plenty of affordable housing, natural and human resources, thriving business community and easy access to everything – Solano County is an ideal place to live, learn, work and play.

Quick Facts

  • County Population (Jan 2018): 439,793
  • Median Household Income (2017): $72,950

Educational Attainment (2017)

  • HS diploma: 23.3%
  • Some College or Associate: 38.7%
  • Bachelor's: 17.9%
  • Graduate or Professional: 7.7%
  • Median Housing Prices (2019): $440,300
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Known For

  • Home to biggest military base on west coast (Travis AFB)
  • Home to Guinness records book pumpkin patch (Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon)
  • Benicia and Vallejo each served as CA State Capitol (in early 1850s)
  • Home to Jelly Belly
  • Four of the cities have waterfronts
  • Suisun Valley wineries


Matthew Davis
Sr. Management Analyst and Public Information Officer
County of Solano
(707) 784-6111

Sampling of businesses located in unincorporated Solano County

Company Product/Service
Dixon Canning Corp Food Processing
Superior Farms Meat Packing
Goodrich Corp Aircraft Component Manufacturers
Salad Cosmo Food Processing
Caymus Winery Wine Production