What We Do

Solano EDC’s mission is to positively impact the economic growth of Solano County by maintaining and enhancing a competitive location for businesses to expand and locate, providing direct service to scale local traded sector industries, attracting new jobs and investment, and connecting businesses with resources to meet their needs. The EDC collaborates with the cities, county, workforce development, utilities, and education to deliver all resources.

Solano Business First!

Solano Business First! is a network of all cities and partner organizations dedicated to reaching out and assisting existing companies in their cities by connecting them with specific resources, information, and services. Resources and services are available to assist businesses with expansions, address economic difficulties, access local, state and federal incentives and with assistance to help the company be more competitive in the broader marketplace.

First Point of Contact: Your Local Economic Development Office

Confidential Site Location Assistance

Solano EDC works on a confidential basis with companies seeking to identify sites or buildings in the county, provides proposals and data per their request for location-decision evaluation, and will coordinate site tours. Once a company has identified specific sites that meet their needs, the City Economic Development representative will provide primary assistance, with the EDC continuing to provide data on workforce or access to programs to assist with location.


As a Resource hub, the EDC provides demographic reports for special areas of interest, including information on available workforce, water rates, major employers, and occupations. If our Data Center does not have what you need, please contact us.


For companies seeking business financing, the EDC will:

  • Make referrals to agencies to assist with loan guarantees, direct financing, SBA loan packages, equipment and real estate financing and Industrial Development Bonds.
  • Assist businesses using recycled materials or diverting materials from the waste stream with California’s Recycling Market Development Zone Loan Program.
  • Assist with project development infrastructure program financing partnered with a local city.

Access Local, State & Federal Incentives

Solano EDC will assist local and new business in accessing resources and incentives, such as applications for state tax credits.

Workforce Development & Training

Solano EDC coordinates with local personnel agencies and workforce development organizations on screening and employee recruitment. We also coordinate with local and state training programs and education for customized or on-the-job training programs.

Permitting & Regulations

Solano EDC works closely with local cities to provide information on local permitting processes and local incentives, and assists companies in working with regional agencies for permits.

Utility Cost Analysis

To help companies achieve cost-effective rates, the EDC will:

  • Work with utility agencies in the coordination of rate analysis for water, sewer, gas and electric based on company usage and projected growth.
  • Assist in accessing utility conservation programs.

Traded Sector Industries Manufacturing

Solano EDC, with partners, hosts industry groups to address specific issues and/or opportunities of the industry sector.

Moving Solano Forward

Solano EDC implements and manages the countywide strategy, Moving Solano Forward, which focuses on existing traded sectors and large existing employment sectors driving the county’s economy, attracting new jobs and investment in key sectors, maintaining and enhancing relations with Travis Air Force Base, an economic driver, managing supply chain analysis, maintaining Solano’s competitive advantage, including infrastructure and workforce, and maintaining a resource hub of information and data for local and new businesses. Click here for a copy of the final Moving Solano Forward II report and working papers.